I’m alive. Breathing on my own. With the ability to hear, speak, taste, touch, see and think clearly… all on my own.   I am sane and in good health with loving family and friends.  And I fix to my lips to complain about…what?!  Change your perspective to one of gratitude.  Makes a world of difference. – Unknown

Coming back from Church today, a sight made me think. 

I saw a woman frying what looked like yams by the roadside.  She was in a white T-shirt and a long-flowing skirt.  What caught my eye wasn’t the yams or the dressing, but the loosely hanging left sleeve of the Tee – she had lost that arm.

Hmm… then it struck me, she was maneuvering the large strainer in the wide deep fryer with just an arm.  I was forced to ask myself: Just suppose I lose an arm, how would I type as I often love to do?  How would I manage looking in the direction knowing that unlike a milk tooth or hair, it isn’t naturally vegetative to sprout back?  I imagined the days and weeks it took for her to come to terms with her condition if she wasn’t born that way.  Hmm…

As though to call my attention even stronger, a car overtook mine and a sticker on the rear windshield read “I respect the white cane“.  I immediately recognized that to refer to the blind.  They were probably headed for the Akropong School for the Blind.  And it is amazing that on the same Akwapim Mountain Ridge is the Mampong Demonstration School for the Deaf.

I had to ask myself what it would be like having dinner in the dark?  Do you realize food is enjoyed to the max only when the senses of sight and smell meet with taste?  And touch sometimes?

In Church, I had for strange reasons looked up at the upper terrace, and there I noticed the sign language interpreter at it with the hearing impaired worshipers.  They had to make do with as much, and as fast as the interpreter could go.

I have all body parts complete, save for one or two molars and premolars.  I am grateful to God I have most of what I need.  Do you take these blessings for granted?

The essential focus of my writing has been on our physique viz-a-vi disabilities and impairments, but I have more… Isn’t it a blessing to have humans around?  It must be a blessing to have friends?  And if you are able to read and understand this, then you are literate, you have or had a teacher (formally or otherwise) who did a reasonably good job.  You don’t have to seek the village teacher to write or read and interpret you r mails for you, as is the case for some.  What is more?   You, in all probability read this online… You either have connectivity or someone close does.  You are close to or live in civilization!

You and I must be grateful we do not have to ask the assistance of another before undertaking what we’d call basic activities.

Imagine if you woke up tomorrow with only the things you were grateful for yesterday?  We need to be grateful… I need to.   Are you?

Be Grateful... Taking Nothing for Granted

Be Grateful… Taking Nothing for Granted

We should rejoice each day we awaken. It doesn’t seem that important, until the day you don’t.  – Grady L. Crosslin

We don’t know what we have until we lose it.


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Because He is Who He is...I will be what I should be...
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  1. 3h)ra says:



  2. Rev Enock Asare says:

    God richly bless you for letting me know what im supposed to do all the time sir I salute you.


  3. Rev Enock Asare says:

    God richly bless you for letting me know what im supposed to all the time sir I salute you.


  4. joseyphina says:

    Very touching…..great post. God bless you for this post.


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