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Admitting and allowing others into our goodwill books is a benevolence we do to ourselves more than to them. If we would credit them with some good faith, however naive and simple that may make us seem, we would soon find out that behind the devilish look of some fellow is a celestial beauty only marred by the vicissitudes and corruption of life. And this is even assuming that there is enough superficial or facial reason to adjudge them devils prima facie. If we would probe a little further, and wait a little more, we shall find out that it wasn’t a Coke after all. Continue reading

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Just as I raised the Coke, contemplating where to put it, I notice something, a little foam near the meniscus of the liquid toward the cover. Wait a minute. I know Cokes to foam when poured out into glasses or when shaken, but… The colour of the foam wasn’t stained black as would with a malt or a coke, it was somewhat red or was it maroon or purple? Then it strikes me, it is not a Coke! But what is it? Continue reading

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African youth, understand that it is culturally inappropriate to begin any conversation ‑ text or voice ‑ without due salutation. For example, I get calls from young fellows that go like this: “Hello…Has our results been released?” Now that gets to me. That is being uncultured to say the least. In principle, I ignore or end all such conversations especially when the other fellow is persistent with this misbehaviour.

Courtesy demands that you greet, and appropriately too. ‘Hello’ and ‘Hi’ are forms of greetings as far as western nations are concerned, but by no means acceptable in African terms. And don’t tell me about globalization which is essentially westernization ‑ the sun rises from the east. Continue reading

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I have heard the arguments on EDUCATION in this year’s campaign. To be precise, the one on FREE SHS. Clearly, it is POSSIBILITY against IMPOSSIBILITY… So, having exhausted the list of IMPOSSIBILITIES in the Word of God, I am inclined to give my Election Creed thus: ‘Jesus said to him, “As far as possibilities go, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE FOR THE PERSON WHO BELIEVES.” [Mark 9:23_ GOD’S WORD]’ Continue reading

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Let My People Write! A Case for ‘Journaling’

It is September 15, 2012… My enchantment has … been doused by a nagging question: what happens when they are no more?
I make a case for writing…
This agenda of mine isn’t limited to Messrs Oyedeji and Baako…
“Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man.”
I wish to do more than I am currently delivering to myself and posterity. I wish to write more. Can I ask you to… Continue reading

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Characteristics of, and Practical Steps in Harnessing and Executing Ideas

Your pursuit for “completion” in life is tied very closely and strongly to the ideas you generate, entertain, tend and execute in your life time. These celestial guests we call ideas, if hosted respectfully and diligently, would leave laughter in your mouth…The moment of reception and eventual execution of an idea is the special moment in anyone’s life. It is the moment for which that person was born; what British Statesman, Winston Churchill refers to as the “Finest Hour”. That hour must be looked upon with reverential awe. For as the American Revivalist put it: “The opportunity of a lifetime is in the lifetime of the opportunity”. Susu Biribi Continue reading

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Back to School. Again? For What?

Come to think of it; we turn four and without any consultation whatsoever, we get enrolled in school. We contest the idea from that day, and intermittently thereafter. On the first morning, we weary Daddy, Mummy and Class Teacher as they attempt talking and cajoling us to accept this ‘strange’ proposition. In the name of ‘peace’, we make the compromise, going to school so long as our lunch packs remain attractive – the true incentive for leaving the house on a Monday morning and throughout the weekdays. Continue reading

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