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For the sublimer side of our existence; I write here and hope for sublimer thoughts across board


As far as I am concerned, it was already a difficult proposition marrying across ethnicity and if death had legitimately terminated this, why would Ruth persist? Continue reading

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Coming back from Church today, a sight made me think… I saw a woman frying what looked like yams by the roadside. She was in a white T-shirt and a long-flowing skirt. What caught my eye wasn’t the yams or the dressing, but the fact that the left sleeve of the Tee was hanging – she had lost that arm.
Hmm… then it struck me… Just suppose I lose an arm, how would I type as I often love to do? How would I manage looking in the direction knowing that unlike a milk tooth or hair, it isn’t naturally vegetative to sprout back? I imagined the days and weeks it took for her to come to terms with her condition if she wasn’t born that way. Hmm…
Imagine if you woke up tomorrow with only the things you were grateful for yesterday?

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9/17 Ruminations II: No Retreat, No Surrender!

They either conquer or be conquered. Reminds me of a pithy quote I read on a friend’s Facebook Timeline post, “The easier part is knocking me down. To keep me down, you’d need backup”. They didn’t come into the arena with a towel to throw in – “we get up again and … Continue reading

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9/17 Ruminations I: God of some or God of all?

If we are all guilty, well then, that is fairness; else we cannot but suspect unfairness and tyranny in God’s sovereignty… However, I make quick to also point out that this thinking only persists when the entirety of the plan of God as revealed in isn’t properly understood.
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It is not over for you!

No man is perfect, neither is any too bad or beyond redemption. No condition of a man is beyond God’s ability to modify or rectify Continue reading

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Africa Is Unique and Beautiful!

Jesus and Joshua are Anglo-Grecian of the Hebrew/Arabic Yeshua (Yushua in some cases). All of these names mean “salvation”…I insist culture is dynamic but should be unique. Uniformity isn’t synonymous with unity, neither is assimilation the same as globalization.,,My argument is simple: let us be proud of who we are, even if we cannot be proud of what we are…Before I am misconstrued, I do not hate Europe or America. In fact, I see myself primarily as a member of the Human race with a constituency among the Black-African race…We have a great continent in Africa. The continent and its people are rich and beautiful. Continue reading

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The Prayer of a Black Person

A dear friend of mine, currently resident in Sierra Leon, forwarded a mail to me.  Let me also forward it to you.  This is the message: This is deep, so take your time.

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