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Five Ways to Find Your Future

Five Ways to Find Your Future. Advertisements

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Custom-Made Losers, Quasi-Philosophers

When men do not make the effort to defy the odds in order to succeed, they turn around to become quasi-philosophers. They propound all forms of theories…You’re free to pontificate and propagate your theories; you would find yourself cold and alone. Just in case you have never heard or known, understand that whereas “Success has many fathers, FAILURE IS AN ORPHAN”…When we take responsible, active and urgent steps to slake this longing, we go away ‘high’ on accomplishment. Success silences critics; it reduces the length of speeches, expatiations and arguments. On the other hand, if we lie to ourselves under whatever guise, usually religious, that success is negative and desirable; such a fellow is readying himself for the orphanage of life – the theories nevertheless. Continue reading

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