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Though primarily a member of the Human race, my nearer kinsmen areof this extraction hence my affinity….for Mama Africa!


‘Giant of Africa’; I do not know where that came from. I surmise however that the population of that West African nation so named Nigeria by Mrs. Luggard (wife of last colonial Governor-General of the amalgamated protectorates) is basic reason for the accolade. To reduce it to that alone however, would also be an unfair conclusion.
From Sokoto to Yenagoa, from Maiduguri to Lekki and everywhere in-between you have a land upon which the heavens have broadly smiled. Continue reading

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African youth, understand that it is culturally inappropriate to begin any conversation ‑ text or voice ‑ without due salutation. For example, I get calls from young fellows that go like this: “Hello…Has our results been released?” Now that gets to me. That is being uncultured to say the least. In principle, I ignore or end all such conversations especially when the other fellow is persistent with this misbehaviour.

Courtesy demands that you greet, and appropriately too. ‘Hello’ and ‘Hi’ are forms of greetings as far as western nations are concerned, but by no means acceptable in African terms. And don’t tell me about globalization which is essentially westernization ‑ the sun rises from the east. Continue reading

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Africa Is Unique and Beautiful!

Jesus and Joshua are Anglo-Grecian of the Hebrew/Arabic Yeshua (Yushua in some cases). All of these names mean “salvation”…I insist culture is dynamic but should be unique. Uniformity isn’t synonymous with unity, neither is assimilation the same as globalization.,,My argument is simple: let us be proud of who we are, even if we cannot be proud of what we are…Before I am misconstrued, I do not hate Europe or America. In fact, I see myself primarily as a member of the Human race with a constituency among the Black-African race…We have a great continent in Africa. The continent and its people are rich and beautiful. Continue reading

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The Prayer of a Black Person

A dear friend of mine, currently resident in Sierra Leon, forwarded a mail to me.  Let me also forward it to you.  This is the message: This is deep, so take your time.

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School Dey Bore Or School Dey Be? – Moving From The Routine of School to Education

There are exceptions to every rule, and depending on your standpoint and corresponding perspective, the exception could be the rule or vice versa.  It is in this light that I am careful what I say as I attempt to discuss … Continue reading

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