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Volatile region! Here all the explosives are ignited….On this ground I tread most cautiously, but tread nevertheless


I think there’s something about Mr. Akufo-Addo that he and whoever manages him must take a long hard look at. Why is it that some of Nana Addo’s fellow workmen seem to rise against him post major polls? Why do people say damning things about him with no hard facts and get away with it? Why does Nana come so close but never makes it across the line at elections? Why do people easily believe whatever negatives they are told or hear of Mr. Akufo-Addo? Why do people simply seem to dislike Nana Addo…? Continue reading

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‘Giant of Africa’; I do not know where that came from. I surmise however that the population of that West African nation so named Nigeria by Mrs. Luggard (wife of last colonial Governor-General of the amalgamated protectorates) is basic reason for the accolade. To reduce it to that alone however, would also be an unfair conclusion.
From Sokoto to Yenagoa, from Maiduguri to Lekki and everywhere in-between you have a land upon which the heavens have broadly smiled. Continue reading

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Often, in discourses on radio shows, I hear the caution, “Be careful, the matter is before the court” or “Hold it, this might be sub judice” or the like…But I ask … what can or cannot be commented upon? Can we speak generally, but not specifically? Or is it the case that we cannot speak to the matter at all? By the way, if we can speak at all, what would be considered contemptuous? On the other hand, if we cannot speak to the matter, what is this whole theory of the power of the state emanating from the people as in “We the people…” Continue reading

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I have watched with admiration the conduct and carriage of the judicial arm of the Republic of Ghana – especially the Supreme Court.

Like every other human institution, the judiciary definitely has its issues, but the candor and professionalism of that august establishment has given me pride, a sense of awe and reverence for the power of a people vested their legal system…Today, the court of Ghana showed teeth, sent shivers into everyone and especially the… Continue reading

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I have heard the arguments on EDUCATION in this year’s campaign. To be precise, the one on FREE SHS. Clearly, it is POSSIBILITY against IMPOSSIBILITY… So, having exhausted the list of IMPOSSIBILITIES in the Word of God, I am inclined to give my Election Creed thus: ‘Jesus said to him, “As far as possibilities go, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE FOR THE PERSON WHO BELIEVES.” [Mark 9:23_ GOD’S WORD]’ Continue reading

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Should We Be Interested In Politics?

Curiosity brought me upon an interesting finding.  My interest has for a while been tickled by the Political Opinions/Views of my friends and in general others on Social Networks, and here I have Facebook as my reference. I discovered that … Continue reading

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