I have watched with admiration the conduct and carriage of the judicial arm of the Republic of Ghana – especially the Supreme Court.

Like every other human institution, the judiciary definitely has its issues, but the candor and Continue reading

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I’m alive. Breathing on my own. With the ability to hear, speak, taste, touch, see and think clearly… all on my own.   I am sane and in good health with loving family and friends.  And I fix to my lips to complain about…what?!  Change your perspective to one of gratitude.  Makes a world of difference. – Unknown

Coming back from Church today, a sight made me think.  Continue reading

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You cannot be in Ghana and be oblivious of the raging debate on education; free Senior High School (SHS) education to be exact.  Following this trend, made popular, largely by the flag-bearer of the largest opposition party, the New Patriotic Party (N.P.P) Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo, I am drawn in. Continue reading

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9/17 Ruminations II: No Retreat, No Surrender!

Much earlier, in 9/17 Ruminations I: God of some or God of all?  I tried to articulate the first of two thoughts that came upon my heart and mind today.  In honouring my promise to speak to the second, I hereby write.

The “culprit”, the  thought provoker is 2 Corinthian 4: 8 – 9…

In my devotion this morning Continue reading

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9/17 Ruminations I: God of some or God of all?

It is September 17…

Two thoughts arrest my mind this morning.  I really cannot tell from whence came the first.  As for the second, it isn’t difficult fingering the ‘culprit’. I’d deal with the second in a subsequent blog.  For now, I have a question:

God of some or God of all? Continue reading

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Let My People Write! A Case for ‘Journaling’

do it…

It is September 15, 2012…

I have not had a good morning; battling with the effects of a malaria medication, and in my recuperating mode.  I decided as is usual, for a Danso Saturday morning, to just lie in there and listen to my favorite Radio News Analysis Program on Joy FM, viz., News File.

Usually, out of habit or should I say laziness, I often would leave the dial there.  I no longer pay rapt attention as I would have the three hours preceding.  I listen though until something striking is said.  As such, subsequent shows such as the mid-day news, the sports show and the entertainment piece have my partial interest.

Today is a bit different, Continue reading

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It is not over for you!

It is not over for you!

This is my resumption message to you, having been away for a bit.
In relation to the state of man in relation to God and change, I have come to the following conclusions:

1. No man is perfect, neither is any too bad or beyond redemption. No condition of a man
is Continue reading

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