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I have heard the arguments on EDUCATION in this year’s campaign. To be precise, the one on FREE SHS. Clearly, it is POSSIBILITY against IMPOSSIBILITY… So, having exhausted the list of IMPOSSIBILITIES in the Word of God, I am inclined to give my Election Creed thus: ‘Jesus said to him, “As far as possibilities go, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE FOR THE PERSON WHO BELIEVES.” [Mark 9:23_ GOD’S WORD]’ Continue reading

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Back to School. Again? For What?

Come to think of it; we turn four and without any consultation whatsoever, we get enrolled in school. We contest the idea from that day, and intermittently thereafter. On the first morning, we weary Daddy, Mummy and Class Teacher as they attempt talking and cajoling us to accept this ‘strange’ proposition. In the name of ‘peace’, we make the compromise, going to school so long as our lunch packs remain attractive – the true incentive for leaving the house on a Monday morning and throughout the weekdays. Continue reading

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